Monday, May 9, 2011

Crown of Vengeance - Stephen Zimmer Review

Well after a long wait I finally bring to you the review of an epic/amazing book that i have been trying and promising to post for almost a year.

Epic Fantasy at its best, that is what Stephen Zimmer offers us in his riveting series Fires in Eden.

The First book in the series Crown of Vengeance was release a bit over a year ago by Seventh Star Press and I was lucky enough to get a goody bag, from the man himself, full of memorabilia.

The story starts out introducing us to a whole group of characters following the steady stream of their ordinary, everyday existence. That is until a mysterious fog settles in.
This is of course where Stephen throws us into a wild adventure in the alternative realm of Ave, a world full of mysterious, magical and dangerous creatures and characters.

The Unifier, a mysterious overlord taking control of the realm, is spreading his grip out towards the 5 Realms, the only lands apart from Saxany that still opposes him.
The elusive wanderer, an enigma of the first order and Gunther along with his fantastical pack of Jaghuns are some of my favorite characters thus far in the first book.

Book one introduces us mainly to the characters from our own realm and their struggle to understand and come to terms with the situation they find themselves in. This includes a strong cast of several characters from earth, each unique and interesting in their own way.

The storyline keeps its mystery throughout the first book, forming part of why it becomes so captivating. Stephen reveals just enough to us to wet our lips and leaves you craving for more. At the start i did have some trouble with the amount of characters you are introduced to and it took me some time to place and remember them, aka who's who, but as I got deeper into the book i became accustom to them all. Secondly the names of the Ave denizens were also a bit of challenge at the start but that's the advantage of Fantasy, you can pronounce them as you wish.

The story line progresses smoothly as you get to the end, relinquishing just enough of the mystery to make sure you will go looking for the second book. The world Stephen creates is crafty, realistic, vivid and captivating, its not everyday you can say that you saw yourself walking through the forest with an amazing group of strangers or encounter the "Indian-esk"Onan people or the awe inspiring Dragol on his flying Harrak.

This series is set to take us on a roller coaster ride for a long time to come and I'm definitely in for the full ride. Fires in Eden is set for several books, along with Stephen's second series, The Rising Dawn. I cant wait to dive into the second book in the series Dream of Legends, luckily Stephen has already supplied me with a copy ready for my reading pleasure.

Stephen, well done, don't know where you get the time to think up, let alone write these fantastical tales, but well done.

World be warned, Fantasy has a new crime lord on the rise.

For your viewing pleasure the book trailer of Stephens amazing Crown of Vengeance.

~keep your eyes open in future for my review of the second book~