Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alex J. Cavanaugh - Cassastar

Here is a book to keep an eye out for.
Alex J. Cavanaugh's first book Cassastar to be released closer to the end of the year, looks to be an interesting read. Will be keeping my eye's out for it. But decided for yourself.

Few options remain for Byron. A talented but stubborn young man with a troubled past and rebellious attitude, his cockpit skills are his only hope. Slated to train as a Cosbolt fighter pilot, Byron is determined to prove his worth and begin a new life as he sets off for the moon base of Guaard.

Much to Byron’s chagrin the toughest instructor in the fleet takes notice of the young pilot. Haunted by a past tragedy, Bassa eventually sees through Byron's tough exterior and insolence. When a secret talent is revealed during training, Bassa feels compelled to help Byron achieve his full potential.

As war brews on the edge of space, time is running short. Byron requires a navigator of exceptional quality to survive, and Bassa must make a decision that could well decide the fate of both men. Will their skills be enough as they embark on a mission that may stretch their abilities to the limit?

If you would like to know a bit more about Alex you can check out his home page here.
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