Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book Review - The Darkness Within by Jason Nahrung

Well today i bring you something dark. mysterious and on the magical side.

Jason Nahrung's Book The Darkness Within is one of those classic young woman finds out she is actually a witch from a long line of witches, but still brings its own little twists.
The story follows Emily Winters, a young down on her luck photo journalist who one night finds out she is more than she ever thought.

After a mysterious stranger and a meeting in an old church she is entrusted with her granmothers old grim moire. A simple record of her family's lineage, until you start looking close, finding what the true purpose of the book actually is.

Along with an ancient family heirloom Emily becomes flooded by the memories and spirits of all her ancestors, learning about about a power carried in her family's bloodline. A secret that made her lineage the most powerful witches and unfortunately the preferred food of a dangerous cabal. A cabal who now seems to have found her after her great great grandmother gave her life to free and hide her family from them.

The story is a familiar one, but introduces some interesting aspects such as the vampire guardians and the type of family memory which allows each new witch to learn and remember the craft form those before her.

Emily's character is a very confused and sensitive one and through the story one does see some development in her. Growing more confident and coming to terms with her gifts and eventually taking on the role fo guarding her whole family and their lineage.

In some ways she is a very relateable character though a little slow in the uptake sometimes.

Apart form Emily there is Jehal, her vampire guardian and love interest who has to deal with his own internal war of betrayal.

Brett on the other hand is the wannabe hero, trying his best to protect and win Emily's heart from the Cabal and the dark and mysterious Jehal. Still he comes through for Emily in the end and undergoes a surprising transformation himself at the end of the book.

lastly no story will be complete without the antagonist, Petr Uhgrau leader of the evil Cabal fills this role. A dark and mysterious character himself he plays the obvious nice guy, trying to help Emily in discovering her own power. He does however have his own reasons for doing so, and it's not only Emily he has his eyes on.

Now though the story has some reasonable character I was rather disappointed with the pace of the book. In my opinion it took way to long for Emily to discover her powers and finally use them. Several times throughout the book I found myself getting rather bored and wishing that something would just happen.

Definitely a book for the younger teen generation, especially girls with a taste of the dark romance. More advanced readers will quickly put this book down and move on to something with a more complex or engaging storyline.

Unfortunately not part of my book list.

Still if you feel a craving for some romance, mystery and magic then you might just find yourself enjoying it. Get your copy Here if your one of our SA readers, else UK readers can find a copy Here and US readers click Here.

Next up I will be bring you a review of The Cardinals Blades, so keep and eye out for that one. The three musketeers will never be the same again.


Dave-Brendon de Burgh said...

Great review, thanks David. :-) I have to admit that the book didn't really grab my attention, but it's true that there will be many readers that will love this tale - very fair review! :-)

jasonnahrung said...

HI David, thanks for taking the time to not only read the book, but to post such a well-rounded and thoughtful review. I'm stoked to see the book has reached South Africa! Best wishes, Jason

David said...

Hey Jason sorry for only replying now, started a new job and its been hectic.
Always a pleasure, i try my best.
Hope to hear more from you in the future.
Good week to you