Monday, February 22, 2010

What do you think?

Hey guys and girls, hope you all have been reading great novels so far.

My silence for those interested is mostly due to my job, and boy did these people throw me in to the deep end. But things are getting manageable now and im coming back to you guys.
Yes even though i have endured sleepless nights i have done some reading AND thinking.

The THINKING part is due to a discussion and questionnaire im involved in with some budds across the globe on genre fiction and the future of e-readers.

Now my opinion is all and well, but i've been thinking, whats your opinion on some of these questions we are dealing with.

So if you feel interested in leaving your opinion, feel free to do so, please.

These are some of the questions we are faced with:

1. How has genre fiction changed over the years since you first started reading it?

2. The most recent trends have been things like vampires, darker storytelling, flawed protagonists, and stronger female leads. What do you see as some of the upcoming trends?

3. What should the price of a genre e-book be in your mind?

4. Which new and upcoming authors are grabbing your attention and are poised to become the next big household names and why?

5. Just what does the future of genre fiction look like to you?

Lets see what you guys do with that!

Hope to hear back from some of you loyal fans out there, till next time

Good Readings

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Round Up of the Week,

So your weeks been busy and your not sure if you got all the cool information.
Well dont worry I decided to take a look around for you and give you some of the best info. I could find. Just to round up your week and not feel to miss informed.

First of all over on Dave's blog are two note worthy articles.
The first being an exclusive extract from Tad Williams novel Shadowrise. (click on me)
The second being something aimed at our South African readers, finally an eReader
hits our shores. (click on me)

The second Piece of Information I have for you comes all the way from our friends at Angry Robot.
They have now announced that several of there authors are up for Hugo's in this years Hugo
The List for Best Novel looks as follows:
* Slights by Kaaron Warren
* Book of Secrets by Chris Roberson
* Nekropolis by Tim Waggoner
* Kell’s Legend by Andy Remic
* Angel of Death by J Robert King
* Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero by Dan Abnett
* Winter Song by Colin Harvey
* Sixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon
For more on this you can take a look over there

And lastly a little round-up of some news form all over.
  • The Horror Writers Association have announced the winners of the Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement and HWA Specialty Press Awards. The Lifetime Achievement award will go this year to both Brian Lumley and William F. Nolan. The Specialty Press Award goes to Tartarus Press of North Yorkshire, England. The awards will be presented in March at the World Horror Convention in Brighton, England.
  • Sony Pictures has optioned the rights to a series of science fiction novels by Jeff Somers, starting with The Electric Church. The novel concerns a new religion founded by a mysterious man who converts the faithful into cyborgs with human brains, enhanced robotic bodies and virtually unlimited life spans. Trevor Sands has been hired to adapt the work.
  • The two film adaptations being made of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien have been furthered delayed for a new release date of late 2012. Guillermo del Toro is still directing the films, and Peter Jackson, who produced and directed the Oscar-winning films for Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, is producing.
  • Mervyn Peake writer of the Gormenghast series who died in 1968 seams to have left us something after all. A fourth book in the series written by his wife and based on the notes he left behind was found in the family's home attic by his granddaughter. Random House has now won the rights to release this next installment and plan to d so in July 2011 as part of a memorial to Mervyn Peake.
So there is your round-up of the weeks most interesting snit-bits i could find.
Enjoy your week and remember, keep reading!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book Review - The Darkness Within by Jason Nahrung

Well today i bring you something dark. mysterious and on the magical side.

Jason Nahrung's Book The Darkness Within is one of those classic young woman finds out she is actually a witch from a long line of witches, but still brings its own little twists.
The story follows Emily Winters, a young down on her luck photo journalist who one night finds out she is more than she ever thought.

After a mysterious stranger and a meeting in an old church she is entrusted with her granmothers old grim moire. A simple record of her family's lineage, until you start looking close, finding what the true purpose of the book actually is.

Along with an ancient family heirloom Emily becomes flooded by the memories and spirits of all her ancestors, learning about about a power carried in her family's bloodline. A secret that made her lineage the most powerful witches and unfortunately the preferred food of a dangerous cabal. A cabal who now seems to have found her after her great great grandmother gave her life to free and hide her family from them.

The story is a familiar one, but introduces some interesting aspects such as the vampire guardians and the type of family memory which allows each new witch to learn and remember the craft form those before her.

Emily's character is a very confused and sensitive one and through the story one does see some development in her. Growing more confident and coming to terms with her gifts and eventually taking on the role fo guarding her whole family and their lineage.

In some ways she is a very relateable character though a little slow in the uptake sometimes.

Apart form Emily there is Jehal, her vampire guardian and love interest who has to deal with his own internal war of betrayal.

Brett on the other hand is the wannabe hero, trying his best to protect and win Emily's heart from the Cabal and the dark and mysterious Jehal. Still he comes through for Emily in the end and undergoes a surprising transformation himself at the end of the book.

lastly no story will be complete without the antagonist, Petr Uhgrau leader of the evil Cabal fills this role. A dark and mysterious character himself he plays the obvious nice guy, trying to help Emily in discovering her own power. He does however have his own reasons for doing so, and it's not only Emily he has his eyes on.

Now though the story has some reasonable character I was rather disappointed with the pace of the book. In my opinion it took way to long for Emily to discover her powers and finally use them. Several times throughout the book I found myself getting rather bored and wishing that something would just happen.

Definitely a book for the younger teen generation, especially girls with a taste of the dark romance. More advanced readers will quickly put this book down and move on to something with a more complex or engaging storyline.

Unfortunately not part of my book list.

Still if you feel a craving for some romance, mystery and magic then you might just find yourself enjoying it. Get your copy Here if your one of our SA readers, else UK readers can find a copy Here and US readers click Here.

Next up I will be bring you a review of The Cardinals Blades, so keep and eye out for that one. The three musketeers will never be the same again.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kaaron Warren and Angry Robot, They've done it again

The folks at Angry Robot are always promising to push the boundaries,
and now there is yet again proof that they are doing it.

Here's the latest development from their little world of insanity.

When Kaaron Warren told us she wanted to re-write her next book Walking the Tree as a 20,000 word novella from the point of view of one of the book’s minor characters, we thought she was mad! But we’ve always encouraged creative madness.
Kaaron says:

“As I was writing Walking the Tree, with its strong adult and child
characters, it struck me that it would be a wonderful thing if my son and
I could be reading the same book but in appropriate versions, so I wrote
Morace’s Story, the child’s point of view version of Walking the Tree.
My idea is that every parent can share the reading of Walking the Tree with their child.
Sit there, together, reading the same book.”

Our only concern was how to fit an additional 20,000 words into an already-hefty book. The answer was so obvious we wondered why everyone else wasn’t already doing it!
The first two chapters of Morace’s Story are included at the back of Walking the Tree along with a secret DVD-style download link and password that allows you to read the entire novella online or on your eBook reader. And if you buy the eBook edition you get the whole thing as an added extra. Walking the Tree is published worldwide by Angry Robot.

UK: 4th February 2010 (ISBN: 978 0 00 732 244 2)
US: July 2010 (ISBN: 978 0 06 199 417 3)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coming Up Next

Well its the start of a new month and that means new books, new stories, new everything.
Thanks to the folks at Angry Robot I now have my very own copy of Servant of the Underworld and The Bookman

Make sure to look out for their reviews coming soon.
But right now you can expect reviews on The Darkness Within and The Cardinals Blades

So keep an eye out for the first review coming up shortly and some more book news later on in the week.
Happy Readings