Friday, January 22, 2010

"Their here!", well i am at least

Now after a very long and brutal absence I am back and ready to inform.
Due to some pesky gremlins, pixies, goblins and what ever other form of misfortune you would like to blame I was stuck without access to the 3 w's.
But i never stopped reading, so as you can guess i have quite a few reviews stacked up to publish and who knows what other insightful and informative inscriptions i have to upload.
As for my plans for where to go with the blog from here well lets keep that a surprise for now.
But you will soon start to see the trends as they unfold.
As for the original blog, as Dave said he will be returning to that, but we are still keeping in touch and will definitely be supporting each other.
For now I say be fantastic, and enjoy your read.

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