Sunday, January 3, 2010

Change is Coming

Hey everyone, I thought I'd give you all a heads-up about the changes coming to the blogs. :-)

As many of you may know, this was not the first blog I ran. I originally started blogging about and reviewing SFF over at my first blog, and I started this blog because I wanted to play with the options Blogger had, thinking that it would lead to a bigger, better blog. Alas, I was wrong. :-)

In the three month period that this blog has been running, it's accumulated just over 2700 hits. I thought this was pretty okay, but I also knew that there was lots of room for change and growth. I got a surprise, though, when I checked the stats of the first blog - in the same three month period, the old blog accumulated just over 30000 hits! And that was with me updating content sporadically, and then it was only writing-related stuff. So it became immediately obvious to me that the old blog was the blog everyone knew and kept on visiting; it was also the old blog that everyone had linked to, had put in their blogrolls, etc so in retrospect I have no problem saying that I was an utter fool to have thought that I could launch a new blog and enjoy as much success and attention as the old blog did. :-)

Success and attention that will probably increase! You see, a quote from my (old blog) review of Jasper Kent's Twelve has been included on the mass market paperback edition (which should already be on shelves everywhere, except in SA - we've still got a couple of weeks to wait), and I've also been mentioned in the acknowledgements of a highly anticipated book that'll be out shortly. So, making the jump back to the old blog seems like one of my better decisions of late. :-)

The other question that needs answering, I s'pose, is what will happen with this blog?

Well, David Jooste will be taking over this blog; if you need a reminder (which I'm sure you don't) David joined the old blog as a fellow reviewer some months back, and is definitely one of the reasons that my old blog and this blog were as successful as they were. :-) So, David will probably be changing things up a bit here, adding and taking away stuff until he gets the blog the way he wants it. You can expect him to keeping on reviewing SFF but the blog will be entirely his, to do with as he wants. :-)

David has got a whole slew of reviews coming up, so brace yourself! :-)

And until then, be sure to add us to your Google Reader and

be EPIC!

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