Friday, January 22, 2010

Book to Movie Deals

Well guys and girls here is some of the first news I have for you today.
Movie deals.
With the latest trends in adapting Books to the silver screen several new books will be coming to the big TV in 2010 and post.
Apart form the teeny-boper hits of Twilight 3 - Eclipse and the first half of Deathly Hallows (whats up with that?) some more classy productions are also being launched.
Firstly is the deal to bring Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth to the silver screen. You might remember the review i did for that just after mid '09. It might be able to give us a decent movie going experience for a change.
Not much i could find out on that subject apart from that the first drafts for the screenplay being in production, but will be keeping an eye out for that and informing you as more comes our way.
Secondly Terry Brooks novel Magic Kingdom for sale - Sold which forms part of the Landover series sounds to be almost done with production and could see the light of day later this year. Along with the Elfstones and the Sword of Shannara which have been in production for quite some time now, but unfortunately still has no release date.
There is also the new version of Alice in Wonderland that will be hitting cinemas sometime later this year.
Towards the end of the year we can also look out for the launch of the next installment of the Narnia series, Voyage of the Dawn Trader.
As for 2011 so far i can say i am definitely looking forward to see The Hobbit. From the few sneak peaks that have been released it definitely looks to be a pleaser.
Now then there are also a few other well loved classics that are being given a new life but more on them as the information becomes available.
For now i say Happy reading!

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