Monday, December 7, 2009

Why I Haven't Been Blogging...

Hey Guys and Girls, so here's the problem:

Last week Wednesday there was a huge storm, lightning, cloud-bursts, the works, and while I was at work, lightning struck at home. My girlfriend phoned me and said that the power had just gone out and that she thought something inside the TV had exploded. It turned out that our satellite decoder had been struck, and it's now stuffed. We've been catapulted back into the 50's with that decade's black-and-white imagery. :-(

But that's not all. My desktop was struck, too; apparently it got such a massive hit that the processer's mounting has melted, which in effect means that the motherboard is now about as useful as a cardboard-screwdriver. So that means I'll have to get a new desktop. :-(

But that, too, is not all. The ADSL modem was struck, too, along with the phone line. Now, the modem survived intact, but the phone line is messed up, so no internet. I've still got my notebook to work on, but I have no connecting to the internet.

I've looked at my options and, if everything goes well, will be up and running again in the week of the 16th. Hopefully. :-( So, please understand that until then, there wont be any new content on the blog. David, too, has had a run of bad luck (his laptop was stolen on his birthday, no less), so we're both a bit screwed at the moment. :-(

But I can still be reached (for all of those who have our email addresses, and I'm on Twitter, too (just search for RealmsGalaxies), and my Blackberry is still okay. :-)

Hang in there and we'll be up and at it again before too long! :-)

And Be EPIC!


ediFanoB said...

Hey Dave,

that is more than worse. Fingers crossed that you get internet access soon. Do you have any insurance? If not it won't be a good Christmas for you. Fortunately your house did not burn down.

And I'm sure all your readers will be patient with you.

Dave-Brendon de Burgh said...

Hey Edi :-) Thanks for that! We're hoping to be up and running again before too long, perhaps even by next week, so hold thumbs for that. :-) To start off with, I'll have reviews of The Gathering Storm and Allen Farnham's Angry Ghosts, and I'm sure David will have a couple of reviews, too. :-)

Back soon! :-)