Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Last Post of 2009!

So, here we are - mere hours away from the beginning of Arthur C Clarke's second Odyssey! ;-) Let's hope that the remaining hours are good to us - it'd be really shitty having a, well, shitty end to 2009.

I thought this would be a good time to also let you know what my resolutions, SFF-wise, are:

Firstly, I'm planning to finish all the Small Press & self-published books I've received by March, at least.

I'm also going to fit in at least one Angry Robot book a month (I still owe you all my review of Kaaron Warren's Slights), as well as one Macmillan SFF title a month.

Added to that, well, to read more Science Fiction. I picked up another Greg Egan a couple of weeks back, and there's still much more to choose from on my shelves. :-)

Also, I want to purchase at least one item from; Why? Well, I'd like to support the authors and books I review even more by posting reviews there, to help out with the all-important Amazon rankings. :-)

And that's about it - I don't think I'm over-reaching. :-)

Have you guys got any SFF-related resolutions planned? I'd love to hear them. :-)

In any case, I hope the remainder of 2009 is kickass for you all, and that 2010 starts off with an EPIC bang! :-)

See you next year!


Mike said...

Perhaps we were all so tired by the end of 2009 that we just didn't notice it... but shouldn't this be the last post of *2009*?

I was really hoping you'd add some new posts in 2010... ;-D

Dave-Brendon de Burgh said...

Oh my word... I never realized at all! :D Thanks Mike, will get that fixed... LOL I don't mind the fact that the whole blogosphere is laughing at me, nope not at all! :-)

Mike said...

I doubt anybody's laughing, Dave. 2009 was rough for everybody...

Besides, they'll all be looking at the other blog, right?;-D

Dave-Brendon de Burgh said...

Hehehe hopefully! :-) I've been known to make an ass of myself, so this shouldn't be anything new. :-)