Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Announcing: Hyddenworld: Spring

Thanks to Pan Macmillan in the UK, I've got some great info for you regarding a new series from the author who brought us The Duncton Wood series of novels, William Horwood. :-)

Here's some info about William and the first book in the new series, publishing in February 2010, Hyddenworld: Spring:

"Famous and treasured for the 1980’s classic bestsellers, The Duncton Wood novels, about a civilisation of warring moles, William’s work sparked a multitude of anthropomorphic spin-off tales and earned him a devoted fanbase. Sixteen years after the sixth and final Duncton book was published, with a memoir, a historical thriller and a host of sequels to The Wind in the Willows under his belt, William introduces us to the world of the ‘hydden’: the little people existing on the borders of our world. The journey begins with Spring and an epic journey undertaken by two brave and captivating young heroes, who must cross into the Hyddenworld to save both worlds from environmental destruction.

Hyddenworld: Spring is the first of four books, to be published annually from 2010. William’s research for the series—he's about to hand in the second, but knows how the fourth and final book will end—has included marching up Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham to see if it was doable (it isn't), and taking a course in Old English to help create the book's mythology."

For some extra info about the new series from William, check out this link on The Bookseller.

And here, as a taster, is the cover:

I can honestly say that I've yet to read any of William's work (the reason might be that I was still in diapers when The Duncton Wood novels were bestsellers!) but I'll be fixing that - as soon as Hyddenworld: Spring is in my hands I'll be diving in! :-)

If any of you out there have any questions for William, as I'm sure great fans always do :-) then get those questions ready - William will be doing an interview next week, and Pan Macmillan are calling for questions from readers all over the world. :-) All you need to do is send your question through to publicity (at) macmillan (dot) co (dot) uk , and put “Questions for William Horwood” in the subject line.

As soon as the video interview is available I'll be sure to post it on the blog, so keep an eye out for that. :-)

Meanwhile, you can pre-order your copies of Hyddenworld: Spring right here! :-)


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