Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome to Realms & Galaxies!

Hey Guys and Girls and book-lovers everywhere (hey, even dogs have been known to -shall we say- mark a book as their own), Dave-Brendon de Burgh here. :-)

Welcome to the new blog!

I'm sure your first question is "Why a new blog?" Well, to be honest, I was getting a bit bored and was in the market for something new. :-) I was getting a bit bored with Wordpress and its limitations - I wanted something that, with some trial and error of course, I could use as I really wanted to, and not be held back. Wordpress was great, still is, and the old blog will still be there (Now, did you honestly think I would go and delete it, thereby cutting off all the links to it?), with all the posts, but the blog will undergo a name-change (first thing) and a direction change (gradual).

I'll be using the olf blog to post my thoughts on non-SFF subjects, though it will still be focused on books and publishing, and I will also be using it to post whatever I write, fiction-wise. Now, I'm sure it'll take a while for traffic to get through to this new blog, but I'm happy with Blogger and what it has to offer (plus, I'll admit, I've got even bigger plans for the blog down the ways a bit that Blogger might be perfect for, but more on that muuuch later). :-)

So, I'm sure you've all already had a look at the blog - let me say, it's still a work in progress: there are still plenty of links I have to add (if you don't see your link right now and it's on the old blog, don't stress - it'll be here in time), and much more, so you'll see the blog take full shape through the next month or so. :-)

David Jooste is still helping me with everything blog-related, too, which I'm very happy to say. :-) The man has been a great asset to the old blog (not to mention the fact that he reads wayyy faster than I do!), and I'm sure he'll most definitely be one half of the reason why this blog will be successful, too. :-)

But let me go ahead and give you a run-down of the sidebar

First up is the audio extract I did for Steven Erikson's Gardens of the Moon (actually named properly now, too), which will be up for the duration. I've made it the first item on the sidebar because of some questions I've received asking just where the hell it was. :-) Now it's visible to all. :-) And if it's not, install what you need to. :-)

Next up is the affiliate-link to South Africa's Amazon-equivelent, Kalahari (dot) Net. Every link to a book will have links to Amazon US and UK, but for readers here in SA who shop on Kalahari, they've now got a link from my blog to the online-supermall. :-) And yes, David and I will probably get some money if you fellow South African's use that link to purchase from Kalahari. :-)

Underneath the Kalahari link are the details to get in contact with us,

Under that is the countdown widgit to The Gathering Storm (I will be insanely jealous when this book is published at the end of this month, because we're getting the book in December!),

Under that is the old blog's Facebook Fan Page (busy setting up one for the new blog right now - who says men can't multitask?!), so go ahead a join (if you're a FB user, otherwise become one ;) ) and become a fan (pretty please!),

Under that is the Under the Dome countdown widgit - not only will it do that (count down to Dome Day), but it's also a link to much, much more. I know it's small, but there'll be a big version with my review of Under the Dome. :-)

Under that are badges (and a widgit) of the various places on the web that I'm a member of (not a very good member, I'll admit, but I do pop in when I can), including Wonderlands, The David Gemmell Legend Award, Book SA, Book Blogs, Goodreads, and Twitter, with more coming (I hear you, Liz!). :-)

Then the widgit for Karen Traviss' second Gears of War novel, Jacinto's Remnant (this new blog will see my review of Karen's first Gears novel),

then the search-field,

then the Followers field (please become a Follower - gonna start following like crazy myself),

and then the first group of links: Authors, the blogs I read on Google Reader, my fave SFF-related sites, Links of Note, and then publishers and retailers, including the South African ones,

and finally the blog's archive. :-)

Now, you wont see absolutely everything from the old blog in here, but it really was a slog to get everything shifted and I thought I'd focus on reviews and interviews. :-) But as you all know, the content will grow and diversify. :-)

So there we go! Welcome to Realms and Galaxies!


Neth said...

Nice, I look forward to seeing it evolve. One comment, white text on black can be very hard on the eyes. You may want to consider a different template.

And I think this is the first I've seen someone switch from Wordpress to Blogger - usually it's the other way around. For the record, I've always been happy with Blogger.

Dave-Brendon de Burgh said...

Thanks for visiting, Neth! :-) I'll definitely consider that, play around with a few templates and see what comes up. :-)

outofmycave said...

Dude! Awesome! Cannot wait for more!


PS. It got me completely inspired to finally start that blog I've been threatening to do for ages, so its up!

Keep it EPIC!

Renai said...

Looks awesome, looking forward to it!


Keeping the Door

Mike said...

For what it's worth, I had a writing blog on Wordpress but set my golf blog up on Blogger. WP may be more versatile, but Blogger is much simpler to maintain. Plus, you can still do almost all the same things with it.

I've got a link to your other blog in my "non-golf blog" links, Dave. Which one's going to be getting updated the most, that one or this one?

Dave-Brendon de Burgh said...

Hey Mike, this blog will probably get the most updates, but I'll be aiming to update my writing blog at least 3 times a week, too. :-)

Thanks for visiting!