Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebration: The Silver Mage by Katherine Kerr

On October 28th (yes, next week), the final book in a long-running, best-selling and widely-loved epic fantasy series is being published: The Silver Mage (US, UK) by Katherine Kerr. :-)

The Silver Mage marks the end of the Cycle, begun in 1986 with Daggerspell (US, UK) and now The 15 Days of Deverry Party Committee is inviting everyone to celebrate with Katherine and millions of fans!

From the Press Release:

15 Days of Deverry is an online celebration of the successful conclusion of Katharine Kerr’s vision for this Celtic knot of inter-braided novels. The 15 Days stands for the 15 titles that constitute the cycle's sequence.***

A community at livejournal, deverry15 , has been set up as a clearinghouse where links will be noted. If you post any Deverry related material on your blog, anywhere (not just livejournal), please send the link to: rhi.rose@gmail.com . She’ll be collating the links.

For further information, join the deverry15 community at livejournal or go over to the 15 Days of Deverry page [C. here: when that entry's up, we can do a hot link to its permalink] on Deep Genre , where you can ask questions, join the discussion, and make additional suggestions.

We encourage you to post about your experience reading these books, as well as to post your congratulations to the author and her grand vision. You can post about how and when you first read one of the books, what attracted you to the series, which of the Deverry heroes ranks #1 in the Hotness Factor, the overarching themes and structure of the series -- or anything else about the Deverry world and books that has affected you. We hope you all will share your own unique views of Katharine Kerr's achievement.

We’re very excited by the successful completion of this Grand Fantasy Vision, so we're throwing a big party to celebrate! All of you are special guests. Please come! Post often! Bring your friends, your dog, your cat and your dragon too!

Now, I have to admit that I haven't yet read any of the Deverry books, nor anything by Katherine Kerr, but I'll be doing that, I promise! You know me and a huge series... I just can't resist! :-)

So, congratulations to Katherine and to her publishers, distributors and the booksellers (like me, yes, I have sold a bunch of KK) who made the Deverry Cycle such a success! :-)


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