Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spotlight: Transmissions from Beyond and Dominic Green

Here’s something all fans of SF and audio books should know about, enjoy, and then tell many other people about:

1) Transmissions from Beyond is a site dedicated to podcasts produced from short fiction published in Interzone; each podcast can be listened to while you’re browsing, or you can download them, and the stories are great! I found this site through a link on Greg Egan’s webpage – his short-story Crystal Nights, had been ‘podded’ and posted on Transmissions from Beyond for everyone’s enjoyment (and it’s a bloody good yarn, trust me!). :-)

2) When I visited Transmissions from Beyond yesterday, I downloaded the latest podcast, Heartstrung (haven’t listened to it yet) and Clockwork Atom Bomb – this is the story by Dominic Green, and I was blown away by it! Imagine being in Africa, in the DRC, sometime during the aftermath of a nuclear war; imagine finding out the those in charge are playing with a weapon so destructive it could literally destroy the planet, a weapon which is fed raw sewerage (not sure of the spelling, blonde-moment alert) and rubble and bodies; imagine being the only person on the ground who knows what the weapon is, and then trying to stop that weapon from going ape-shit – believe me when I say that this story is excellent! It’s face-paced, high-concept, funny, and incredibly tense! I for one am very glad to have found Transmissions from Beyond and Dominic Green! :-)

So follow the links above and check out the podcasts, the sites, and Dominic Green’s free novels – oh, didn’t I mention that? :-)


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