Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Graphic Novel - Haden Blackman

Whether you’ve played (or are still playing) the game, have read Sean Williams’ novel, or even read the graphic novel, I’m sure you’ll all agree with me when I say this one word: WOW!

The only other comic I enjoyed more than this was the trade paperback collection of The Death of Superman, and that’s saying something!

First and foremost, as an addition to the giant Star Wars Saga, this tale is incredible! In the introduction of the graphic novel, Haden tells readers a bit about his meetings with George Lucas, and what was kept, dropped, added – this is easily the best storyline I have read in anything concerning Star Wars that isn’t a film! And believe this: The Force Unleashed will definitely change the way you view Star Wars! The revelations (and twists) in this tale are incredible! As a fan of Star Wars in general, I had long believed that the Expanded Universe’s New Jedi Order and the Legacy of the Force were the two best tales in Star Wars, but this, my friends, blows them out of the water! Haden, you’ve done your best work yet!!

The pencillers, Brian Ching, Bong Dazo and Wayne Nichols are all brilliant – their images are sharp and gritty, and they are masters at showing us the emotions of the characters they are dealing with. The combat scenes are incredible, you haven’t seen anything like this in a Star Wars comic before! I was skeptical as to whether the Force really could be Unleashed in a comic, but these guys proved me wrong!

As did the colourist, Michael Atiyeh – the man really knows his stuff, and the panels are dark, vibrant, and plane incredible in all the right places!

Michael Heisler’s lettering is as sharp as usual; the mark of a good letterer is that he or she is able to bring a simplicity to the work, as well as allowing the emotion and inflection of the words to shine through, and Michael does this.

Randy Stradley, well, I have know idea what he had to edit out, but he sure kept all the good stuff in! :-)

All in all, guys and girls, this should be on your bookshelf, next to the novel by Sean Williams (will be getting that soon and I’ll also do a review), because this is Star Wars at its best!



For more info on Haden and his work, check out this link; to order your copy, click here for the US, here for the UK and for those in SA, please use the link at the top of the blog.

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