Saturday, September 26, 2009

Review: Once Bitten by Kalayna Price

Posted by David.

Hey everyone, ok so I’m back with another review, so let’s dive into it straight away.

Kalayna Price’s Once Bitten.

Ok so my abstract for the story would say something like:

Kita Nekai has not had the best of luck lately; she is on the run not just from someone but her entire people. She is the Dyre, the future leader, of her people, a clan of shape shifters, but she did not want that life so she fled from her world and came to ours. Now she has hunters out looking for her in every city and town. But that’s not the worst; she has also been turned into a vampire against her will and been accused of accidentally creating a stray shape shifter who has gone insane and is killing innocent girls in the city of Haven. To prove her innocence and avoid a death sentence she must find this rogue and bring his body to the Judge, a sorcerer from another realm.

At least she is not alone as she has the help of her old friend Bobby, also a shape shifter, her new sire Nathanial, and Gil an apprentice sorceress who has decided to write her thesis on Kita. They stand by her through the whole adventure, whether she wants there help or not.

I have to say this was really a fun story to read and I enjoyed every moment of it. Its not a particularly long read but still worth the time.

It’s the first volume in the Haven series which surprised me a bit because at the start of the book I was sure I had stumbled into the middle of an already running series. There is a lot of talk about things that have already happened, but when I did a bit of research it turned out to be the first one.

It’s basically an Urban Fantasy which is evident from the start as you get a very good description of a dirty, foul, morbid slums-like environment which I particularly like.

The characters were enjoyable, but I actually found myself being irritated by Kita’s hardheadedness at times. The story only spans over a few nights so there is no room to really develop the characters but you still see the changes in Kita as she starts to accept her life as a vampire.

The storyline is fast paced as they must race to find the rouge in two night or else Kita will be executed. You don’t really sit back and relax as you follow them running away form hunters, being confronted by the vampire council, investigating the rouge, and dealing with Kita’s stubborn attitude.

This is the type of book you pick up when you need a break after reading a particularly intense story like say Seeds of Earth which I will be reviewing next.

All in all I will definitely read the next one just to see what happens next, but if you want to try out Once Bitten yourself it has already been released so our SA readers can find it Exclusive Books.

To get more info about Kalayna Price, check out her page at Bell Bridge Books or her official website, and place your Amazon US order here and your Amazon UK order here. :-)For those in SA, please use the link at the top of the page.

My rating 7/10

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